Hey all! First of all, we owe you an apology for the long silence. Our summer has been jam-packed with friends’ weddings (and the associated furiously working needles on wedding gifts), some schedule shifts (as my wife’s workplace expands), and a lot of taking stock. Some of that taking stock was literal – Em and I embarked on a project to fully itemize our personal and professional yarn stashes, which involved almost six hours of up-front labor and a lot of follow-up documentation.

Over 100 kinds of yarn = a lot of photography!

Right now, though, we’re getting ready for some more changes. I’m getting more confident with our Twitter account (if you haven’t seen it, check out the widget at the bottom of the page!). Em is organizing all of our records better. We’re both knitting and planning ahead for our first-ever festival booth – more on that later. And, most importantly, we’re going to be giving our Etsy store a full remodel over the next few weeks, so that we can better use all of Etsy’s features to communicate with visitors to the shop.

Always a work in progress.

We’ll be back with more posts here soon – we’ve got some exciting thoughts about fiber, pattern design, and of course all the projects we’ve been knitting. In the meantime, pardon our dust, and have a great summer of your own. ❤



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