As Em mentioned in yesterday’s post, our Etsy store debuted this week! We’ve been debating the best model for doing custom knit requests for quite some time; the two of us began talking about doing commissioned knitting work sometime in 2015, and I hand-delivered my first commissioned knit piece to a friend in October of that year. It’s been a slow process of refining skills, discussing goals, and slowly building confidence to get where we are today.


An image of my first commissioned shawl from October of 2015, knit in four colors of Lion Brand Homespun yarn.

Today, though, I packaged and shipped my first long-distance commission to a friend now living in Indianapolis, and she helped me field-test the new and surprisingly simple world of Etsy selling. I appreciate her patience greatly!


The packing slip included with today’s shipment contains my heartfelt thanks along with care instructions.

So yes, you can in fact pay us to knit things for you! If you’re interested, check out which designs are listed on our Etsy store now, or email us with questions about something you’ve seen here on the blog. We’ll happily work with someone to develop something custom, and frequently be excited to recreate something we’ve enjoyed knitting before. Currently, we’re only looking to make things knit-to-order, which means that we’ll start knitting your request once we’ve worked out details with you. If some of our designs get more popular, we may start knitting up stock in advance so that orders can be shipped as soon as they’re placed, but for now, we’re taking this one step at a time.

Thank you all so much for being wonderful readers, and wonderful support people in our lives! Extra special thanks are owed to our closest support member, Kaitlyn – wife and sister-in-law to the knitting duo. ❤ We love seeing comments and reactions here and on our various social media – please feel free to keep letting us know what you think as we move forward with this knitting adventure.



Kaitlyn modeling the custom hat I shipped today.


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