Kit and I love our local yarn shop: The Yarn Stories. On Knit Nite, I bought some absolutely gorgeous yarn to cast on a project I’ve been anticipating for a long time: yet another pair of long cabled fingerless mitts.


I’m working with the Fire and Ice Fingerless Mitts pattern by Roz Harmon, which is both free and well-written! The pattern is adjustable for many sizes. I’m gradually collecting long cabled mitt patterns to knit for our household and our etsy shop; I think this pattern will be one of my favorites. I really enjoyed the main cable, and the small 2×2 twists on the underside are a great design feature.

KIMG0183 (1).jpg
Malabrigo Merino Worsted in VAA

I love this yarn. Yes, I realize I’ve said this before, but seriously: this is the best worsted-weight yarn I’ve ever knitted with. A few hours of gleeful happy noises into the project, I figured out why. This is my first 100% wool yarn. And what a wonderful wool it is! This Malabrigo is beautifully kettle-dyed in blues and greens that accentuate the knotwork rather than overwhelming it. It’s single-ply and very very plush, which is awesome to feel while knitting, even when the mildly variable thickness surprises me. This wool is not superwash, but we’re fine with that. I don’t expect these to need frequent washing, anyway.

So far I’ve only finished one of the pair. The other mitt might have to wait until I’ve worked more on my Christmas present projects!



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