My work in progress of the week is much smaller than a sweater! These fingerless mitts have a lovely triquetra knot on the back of each hand (or they will, once I’ve knit them both). This protective symbol in the softness of sage-green Woolike yarn should guard well against the chill of early fall. Unlike the Resonators‘ network of cables, Becky Herrick‘s Queen City fingerless mitts pattern features a cable motif on a plain stockinette background. The overall look is simpler, as well as shorter than the gauntlet-length Resonators.


Also, this pattern involves some interesting construction techniques that are new to me. The cable at the wrist is done in a flat strip, then joined and picked up to knit the hand sideways relative to the cuff. I also underestimated the maneuvering required to convince cables to lay flat along with stockinette. It’s been an adventure!


Our stash of Woolike yarn should more than cover these mitts; I’m already planning more projects for this lovely yarn.



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