Hello all! Lately, I’ve been making it a project to try out patterns for several different kinds of small lace bags. Part of this is filling a need, as we are a household that has several different card decks and dice sets and the like that need more appropriately-sized or more durable places to live. Part of this is also an opportunity to do some stash-busting on all those little partial balls of worsted weight yarn we have overflowing three of our six stash bins.

A lot of my reasoning, though, comes down to the fact that I really just love knitting lace.

It’s not the sub-craft of knitting I’d originally thought I’d be most into! I was sure I’d be leveling my skills in colorwork – and I do like stranded colorwork – but lace is where my heart lies, apparently. Something about the collection of different kinds of stitches with exceedingly complex-looking names (SKPO, KYOK, S2KP2), the shape of all the stitches twisting and wrapping around each other as they go, just makes my heart very happy. (It makes my hands happy, too – good lace needs a consistent but slightly loose gauge, since too-tight stitches will pull designs out of alignment and pucker the finished work.)

So far I’ve finished one bag in this project, and queued up several more patterns on Ravelry to try. Hopefully, once I have some favorites picked out, there will be a good half-dozen or more little lace bags in the pile of finished objects ready to be uploaded to our soon-arriving Etsy store.


This bag was knitted flat and then seamed, on size 8 birch DPNs, using Knit Picks Swish Worsted in the Dublin colorway. It comfortably holds a deck of Tarot cards. See the project at Ravelry for more details. 

The other major project type I do in lace is, of course, shawls… and given that I have one finished lace shawl and two on needles, it’s pretty clear I very much enjoy doing those too. Still, taking an evening to quickly knit up a small bag is a very different feeling – a lot less weight on my hands, a lot less time to finish, and a quick and easy path to that delightful triumph when you bind off, weave in your ends, and look at what you’ve done – you made that.

Happy knitting to my stringbending readers, and happy summer to all! Here’s to life being filled with small, beautiful things and tiny triumphs.

– Kit


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